A0903 Step 2. Prepare a Growing Area

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1. Cultivate in polybags, used bamboos and used pipes
2. Make planting media
3. Create stack shelving
4. Use cardboard boxes for seed beds

The steps in preparing an area for growing vegetables are:
Prepare a container for the cultivation which includes polybag, used bamboos and used pipes.
Trim shading trees that might block the sunlight.
Planting media consists of soil, compost and calx with a ratio of 10:5:1.
Put the media inside the polybag, chamfer and paralon.
Arrange the chamfers neatly or use shelf to minimize the space required to put them.
The paralon is planted straight up, then make a hole with a diameter of 2 cm.
We also need to make soil seedbed, which is done in the following manner:
a. Mix soil, compost and husk ash with a ratio of 1:1:0,5.
b. Use a used cardboard box as a place for the seedbed, by cutting the….first.
c. Soak the seeds in coconut water for 2 hours to strengthen and increase the quality of the seeds.
d. Pour soil into the cardboard box, then spread the seeds on the soil. Cover seeds with thin layer of soil.
e. For the maintenance, water them 2 times a day, in the morning and in the afternoon. Do not move the media too frequently because cardboard boxes are not so durable and can only be used once.

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