A0903 Step 3. Make Catfish Pond

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1. Concrete ring pond
2. Produce natural food with handfuls of animal dung and soil
3. Leave for 12 days
4. Add clear water

The pond for breeding catfish can be made through very simple tasks, which are:
Prepare a 30-cm-tall concrete well ring.
Install the well ring, then perform an excavation as deep as 20 cm on the bottom of the well ring.
Install bricks on the bottom part, that will act as the foundation and leave until cement is completely dry so there will not be any leak in the pond.
Producing natural food. The ingredients include 2 handfuls of ash, 5 kgs of animal compost and 15 kfs of soil.
Mix all the ingredients, then pour into the well and stir. This mud is about 15-cm-thick. Other than as food for the catfish, the mud also function as a resting ground for the fish since catfish is known as the kind of fish that lives in mud.
Add water until the materials are MACAK-MACAK. Water level should be about 1-2 cm.
Leave for 12 days. The purpose is to give time for planktons and worms to grow/come out.
After 12 days, add clear water and leave for another 3 days

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