A0903 Step 4. Make Duck Pen

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1. Use Ren Pen 2m x 1m 2.5 m height
2. Strong walls to prevent predators
3. Good air flow
4. Floor off the ground to prevent stagnant water
5. Roof also wire netting
6. 9-10 ducks per square metre
7. Facing sunlight if possible

There are things that needs more attention and also steps to perform in making a duck pen, such as:
The type of pen that we are going to make is a Ren Pen, which is a pen that use the ground as its floor, with a size of 2 m x 1 m and has a courtyard.
The pen needs to have a good ventilation so air can easily flows into and out of the pen.
The floor needs to be quite high so it does not get soaked in stagnant water too easily.
The pen faces to a certain direction where sunlight is able to shine in easily.
The walls need to be very strong to prevent the entry of wild animals like CERAPEH and fox.
The materials that are used to make the REM cage are broti wood, chicken wire netting, wooden board, zinc/roofing or sago palm, nails, etc.
A recommended size for cage construction is 2.5-metre-high from the ground in the front part, and 2 metre in the back. And a recommended size of the population is 9-10 ducks per metre square.
The construction is half-permanent where we use wooden board to construct 1 metre of the bottom part and wire netting to cover the other 1 metre.
In making the courtyard, the size depends on the farmer. It would be better if there are trees in the courtyard

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