A0903 Step 5. Decide which Products

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1. Use seeds that are easy to sow ourselves
2. Use fish with strong disease resistance usually catfish
3. Livestock with easy maintenance e.g. ducks
4. Use Mum’s raw vegetable leftovers for catfish
5. Cooked leftovers for ducks

In order for LEISA to run well, some things need to be taken into account:
Plant vegetables which we can sow the seeds by ourselves, such as lettuce, spinach, beans, chili, eggplant and other easy-to-care-for vegetables.
Try to breed fish that requires simple maintenance, have high resistance to diseases and have high level of protein, and in this case it is catfish.
Maintain livestocks that requires simple maintenance and have high resistance to diseases, which is layer ducks.
LEISA begins with planting those commodities all at the same time.
When Mom cooks the vegetables, usually there are (uncooked) leftovers. The leftovers can be transferred to the catfish.
Even the cooked meal must have leftovers. These kind of leftovers can be transferred to the ducks.
If the leftovers are too much, we can keep them but first they need to be dried.

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