A0903 Step 6. Grow Vegetables

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1. Replant seed after grows two leaves have grown
2. Use duck manure as compost
3. Plant herbs around the border for use in cooking and making natural pesticides
4. Spray vegetables with organic fertiliser

In order for the farm to always be productive, a certain maintenance need to be performed, such as:
After the seed grows more than two leaves, it can be moved to planting media.
The residue of duck’s manure in the form of compost have to be transferred to plants especially in the beginning of planting period.
To prevent pests, use natural pesticides so it is save for either human and environment.
To make the vegetables more fertile, spray them with organic liquid fertilizer.
On the periphery of the land we can grow shrubs like galangal, turmeric, ginger, etc. The purpose, other than for cooking, is to use them as natural pesticides.

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