A0903 Step 7. Fatten Catfish

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1. Buy 7-10cm catfish seedlings
2. Introduce fish slowly
3. 1 concrete ring holds 75-100 fish
4. If fish floating, change water

Catfish is the kind of fish that can live in low quality water, but the following maintenance needs to be performed:
For 7-10 cm fish, then the number of fish in one well ring should be about 75 to 100 fish.
Putting the fish into the pond should be done slowly to give time for them to adapt.
If fish are floating it means there are not enough oxygen in the water. So the water needs to be replaced.
When it rains heavily, add salt into the pond to prevent diseases, salt…
If the catfish are going to be fed with animals like escargot and golden snails, the food need to be boiled/cooked to prevent diseases.

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