About MicroAid


15 years of practical help for low income families. 1998 -2013

MicroAid was started in 1998 by the Beresford family in memory of their father. MicroAid is managed and run from its field office in Depok Indonesia under the board of volunteer trustees based in the UK. Consequently MicroAid is one of very few UK charities without HQ overheads. This means donations can be used entirely on field operations and the reduction of poverty. Funds are channelled directly to poor families and the community organisations where they live.

Our Vision:
Families reduce poverty themselves through home enterprise. Learning starts from simple steps done now with help from your family and friends. Seize your day!

MicroAid’s Mission:
MicroAid’s local Community Partners help low income families to LEARN new skills using simple materials available from MicroAid Library (www.microaid.net), GET SUPPORT through micro-project donor funds (www.microaid.org), and CONNECT to community organisations, buyers and local markets (http://products.microaid.com).

Read the stories of MicroAid family members and their community partners in MicroAid Family Stories 2012 on how your donation could help. Or click here to download the pdf file.

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