B0503 Step 7. Make Alternative Food

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1. Use various surplus ingredients such as Bran,Ground corn, coconut pulp, Bean curd,
2. Mix with fresh leaves such as cassava, pepaya
3. Feed every morning and afternoon

Alternative food is made from various ingredients and fresh leaves which is easy to find and contain proteins needed for the ducks. Alternative food is used in order to reduce the cost in layer duck farming. Here is how to make and give the alternative food:
1 1) Prepare the ingredients to be used in making alternative food, which are
a) Bran
b) Grits (ground corn)
c) Coconut pulp
d) Tofu
e) Cassava leaves
f) Papaya leaves and other leaves
2 2) Slice/finely chop the leaves so it will be easier to be consumed by the ducks.
3 3) Mix all ingredients and stir them well. This alternative food is ready to be delivered to the ducks every morning and noon.

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