B0503 Step 8. Inspect For Diseases

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Look out for
1. Stress
2. Poisons
3. Salmonellosis
4. Worms
5. Cholera

Inspecting the ducks for diseases should be done everyday. These are various kinds of diseases which may occur in ducks:
1 Stress is caused by loud noises. Make sure that farm location is far from loud noise.
2 Poisoned or toxication which is usually caused by consuming poison-contaminated food or carcass.
3 “Salmonellosis Disease Cause: Typhimurium bacteria. Symptoms: shortness of breath, diarrhea.
Prevention: good sanitation, treatment with 0,04% concentrate of furazolidone mixed with food , or with sulfadimidin mixed with drinking water. Refer to the drug labels for dosage.”
4 “Ducks that catch diseases caused by worms have the following symptoms: reject food, sometimes there are also red creatures that look like leeches in their oesophagus and the ducks experience a respiratory disorder then die.
1) Give the ducks some helminthes.
2) Make sure that the cage is always clean, the floor is not too damp or wet, and it is also important that both the floor inside the cage and the yard where the ducks do most of their activities get enough sunlight.
3) Try to keep the food ingredients safe from mould and musty odor, so store them in some place dry and not easily reached by insects, such as flies which usually act as hosts for various diseases.”
5 “Duck Cholera
Cause: Pasteurela avicida bacteria.
Symptom: diarrhea, paralyzed, greenish yellow feces
Prevention: good cage sanitation, treatment with penicilin shot on the duck’s pectoral tendon with the right dosage referring to the drug label. ”

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