C0101 Step 2. Materials Needed

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1. Plastic sheeting – 2-meter-wide, 4-metre-long and 1-metre-high
2. Wooden board and broti (bamboo) wood
3. Wooden slats
4. Nails

A plastic sheeting pond is very easy to make. In this example we have used one with the following specifications: 2-meter-wide, 4-metre-long and 1-metre-high. The maximum width for the pond would be 3 metres to make it easy to clean and to catch the fish during harvesting.
A pond with the above specifications can hold as much as 800 – 1,600 catfish seeds (100 – 200 fish/m2)
Making a plastic sheeting pond requires the following tools:
A. Waterproof plastic sheet
Prepare a 2-metre-wide, 4-metre-long, 1-metre-high plastic sheeting material.
B. Wooden board and broti (bamboo) wood
The board and the broti are cut as follows:
a. The long wall (length): 4 pieces of 4-metre board
b. The wall (width): 4 pieces of 2-metre board
c. The broti is cut into 12 pieces of 120 cm
C. Wooden Slats
Use 3-cm slat wood for the followings: 2 pieces of 4-metre and 2 pieces of 2-metre.
D. Nails
Prepare nails as needed.
E Plastic pipe for drain outlet

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