C0203 Step 1. Prepare your Boat

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1. Use fast small boat 1-2 GT
2. Check engine before leaving port, tuna are found far offshore
3. Prepare adequate bait
4. Prepare the essential equipment
5. Prepare clean ice cubes
6. Take body bags

Preparation before catching tuna fish includes:
Better to use small boat ( 1 – 2 GT size) because this boat has good speed that fit to catch tuna, beside this boat usually go fishing for 1 day/trip, thus Tuna catched are fresh when its sold to buyer. Meanwhile big boat has longer length days at sea (1 week/trip)
For Safety reason, please check the machine and boat before fishing, make sure the machine and boat are in good condition, because Tuna’s fishing ground located far and deep shore.
Prepare fishing tools like squid jigs/tuna longline, which is about 1000-metres long because the water depth may reach 3,000 metres.
Prepare adequate bait, type of bait used depends on fishing techniques used. We recommend you to use a mixing of various techniques for the possibility to catch more fish. You can use plastic bait or natural bait(live fish or dead fish). For Plastic bait usually using plastic bait that similar with squid. If you are using live fish as bait, you should prepare special place on boat to keep the live baits are still alive during fishing.
Prepare the essential equipment which are :
Cotton gloves
Sharp Knife
drop blood knife
Fish club
Stiff Brush
stainless stell wire/ thick fishing line
coring tool
Plastic body bags
Prepare a clean ice cube that quite a lot in the fiber box, because the quality of tuna fish at the time of sale will depend on the number of ice brought in by fishermen. Should the amount of ice that was taken equal to the amount of fish caught (fish and ice ratio 1:1), if your average catch is 50 kg then you should bring 50 kg of fish.
Prepare large fibre boxes since tuna’s size is large. Minimum fiber box size needed is 150 cm length and 50 cm width, to make sure whole body of tuna is put properly in the box

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