C0203 Step 2. Finding Tuna

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1. Find as much information about the fishing ground before leaving
2. Tuna will usually be close to dolphin
3. Use Fish Attracting Device (FAD).
4. There are 3 hand line techniques commonly used
5. Keep bait in front of the dolphins
6. If the hook float sinks, it is a sign of tuna has fed the bait

Tuna fish that meets export quality live deep water. Tuna fish that live on the bottom of the sea has better quality than the one living on the surface.
Some things are very important in catching tuna, including:
Find as much information about the fishing ground before leaving to catch tuna. You could use sea mapping that available in LSC/Fishers Associations or you could use Fish Finder to targeted fishing ground
Location of Tuna’s fishing ground are below :
a. Searching for Dolphin, tuna will usually be close to dolphin. Dolphin groups are easy to find because they always come to the surface, so it can be seen from a far. The position of best fishing is in front of group of dolphins.
b. Using Fish Attracting Device (FAD). Tuna lies in FAD that located in deep sea water. You could easily find out, because occasionaly tuna are come to the surface around FAD location.

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