C0203 Step 3. Fishing Techniques

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1. Pole and line
2. Multi hook feather
3. Trawling long line with buoy

There are 3 handline techniques commonly used for catching tuna in Aceh, namely
Kawe hue (acehnesse Languange) : This techniques is usually used when fishing in FAD or dolphins group. This Technique uses a plastic hook and bait. Hold fishing baits and swing it repeatedly and keep the boat moving slowly. Pole position is in front group of dolphins.
b. “kawe Banchot” (Acehness Languange) : This technique usually used when fishing among group of dolphins. Using a hook with 5 -10 eyes with plastic bait resemble to squid, Fishing lines tied to a pole on boat. Bait is above the water surface , then swung fishing lines repeatedly while keep the boat run slowly, pole position should be in front of the dolphins group.
c. “Kawe Lampong” (acehnesse Languange) : This techniques is usually use in FAD by using live bait. Fishing line is tied at 2 pieces of buoy. Use small buoy so when tuna eat the bait, the buoy will sink, then let the hook float in sea water. If the buoy sinking, it is a sign of tuna has fed the bait. Approached the bait immediately and pull the fishing line.
While you are waiting the tuna feed the bait, you could use other technique.

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