C0301 Shrimps


Shrimp farming can only benefit poor families living close to shrimp ponds and a hatchery and where they join together to supply a local market. Tiger Shrimp Culture, High profit and wide market.

Tiger Shrimp, is a commodity that can be marketed both for domestic and foreign. Start size 100 gr up to 200 grams per fish. Even shrimp can be caught in public waters to reach 300 grams per fi sh.

Tiger Shrimp can be kept in the ponds by the shrimp farmers, either through polyculture and monoculture with a low enough cost so that it can increase the income of farmers.

Follow steps below to learn more (clickable):

1. Pond Selection
2. Crop Planning
3. Pond Preparation
4. Fill Pond
5. Seed Selection
6. Feed Management
7. Water Management
8. Health Management
9. Harvest
10. Keeping Records
11. Improved Marketing

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