E0207 Step 6. Make Crisps

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  • After the nut is taken out of the pan, crack the hard shell of the nut until only the white inner part of the nut is left. It is important that the melinjo nuts are still hot when shaped with a hammer, to make the process easier and to give better results.
  • The steps in shaping the melinjo nuts are as follows:
  • Place the nut on the cutting board, then hit it with the hammer repeatedly until it is flat, in accordance with the desired size and shape. Crisps can be shaped in various sizes, by combining a couple of crisps into one shape.
  • Wait until the crushed nut gets cold then flip over the crisp sticking on the cutting board gently, using a trowel.
  • Move the crisp to a drying container. Drying container can be made from coconut leaves woven or any other flat container.

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