K1002 Step 8. Find your Partners

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1. Good business relationship with a local bank
2. Freight forwarders prepare documentation
3. Shipping the merchandise

Local Bank
Establish a good business relationship with a local bank that handles international business. Your personal banker will follow through on the actual foreign transactions, and will help keep your credit afloat. All you need is good credit and a good reputation.
A freight forwarder is a person who takes care of the important steps of shipping the merchandise. This person quotes shipping rates, provides routing information, and books cargo space.
Freight forwarders prepare documentation, contract shipping insurance, route cargo with the lowest customs charges, and arrange storage. They are valuable to you as an import/export agent, and they are important in handling the steps from factory to final destination.
An import/export agent is a matchmaker. You need a person to handle shipments, called a freight forwarder.

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