Step 1. Choose Location

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  • 50 to 400 m above sea level
  • High temperature and humidity
  • Near distillery
  • Fertile soil
  • Good drainage
  • Enough sunlight

1. Choose Location

Choosing the location for patchouli cultivation is quite simple. Just take note of the following requirements:

a) The most suitable location for patchouli cultivation should be about 50 to 400-metre-high above sea level (mdpl), in order for patchouli to have a high level of oil content and a good level of alcohol content.

b) Patchouli plant needs high and humid temperature.

c) A fully-grown patchouli requires enough sunlight so try to find a location that is not shielded by tall trees.

d) Choose a location that has fertile and crumbly soil, contains plenty of natural nutrient, and where the water is not stagnant in the area.