Step 2. Make a Nursery

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  • Make shade house
  • Learn nursery cuttings skills
  • Find good, local parent plants
  • Use Poly bags
  • Use correct cutting sizes
  • Stimulate roots
  • Wait for root growth

2. Make a Nursery

Patchouli nursery is done by cutting (stek) method on the stem and branch of a good and chosen parent plant. Before cutting, learn how to do it well from The Department of Agriculture’s instructors or from other agriculture experts. Patchouli seed obtained from the cutting method can be directly planted in the plantation area, but it is better to grow the seed first using a polybag. The steps in nursery are:

a) The seed is taken from a plant which has good growth and is free of diseases. Selecting a good patchouli parent plant is very important in the patchouli cultivation. Choose a patchouli parent plant which comes from Aceh’s Patchouli variety.

b) Choose a patchouli parent plant which has a branch/stem diameter for cutting of about 0.8 – 1 cm.

c) The length of a cut branch is approximately 15 – 25 cm and has at least six buds. Remove all the leaves except 4 small leaves on the top, then soak the tip of the seed stem – where the root is supposed to grow later – in a root stimulating organic liquid fertilizer for 5 minutes. Then tie the seed together with 50 – 100 other patchouli seed stems and leave for 15 days.

d) When the root and the leaves start to grow, move the seed into a polybag filled with the following evenly-mixed materials: 10 kgs of soil, 12.5 kgs of husk, 2.5 kgs of sand, and 10 kgs of animal compost. Grow the seed in the polybag for 2 months at most.

e) Place the polybag under a seedbed shade house. Prepare a seedbed in the shape of a shade house which is 180-cm-high on the east side and 120-cm-high on the west side to make way for the sunlight to shine in. Cover the top of the shade house with leaves or plastic net so the sunlight does not shine directly to the seed.


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