Step 4. Plant Seedlings

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  • Set Plant spaces
  • Make holes
  • Use nursery
  • Lie cutting flat
  • Cover with soil
  • Planting in wet weather

4. Plant Seedlings

The steps in planting patchouli are:

a) Measure the space between plants since it is a very important issue for fully-grown patchoulis. An ideal planting space for a fertile land is 100 cm x 100 cm or 1 metre square, whereas a less-fertile land (such as terracota) requires 60 cm x 60 cm spacing.

b) Make plant holes (5-cm-deep).

c) After the seed is taken from the parent plant’s stem, it can be planted in the land right away, but this method has high risk of dead seedlings. It is recommended to use a seed that has been planted in a polybag before.

d) Put the seed in the plant hole. The stem’s position should be flat on the ground and sideways.

e) Cover with soil and use your foot to press it gently so the seed could blend with the soil.

f) The ideal time to plant seeds is the beginning of the rain/wet season if the land area does not have an adequate source of water. Young patchouli seeds need shades to protect them from sunlight. These shades can be made from leaves or by planting temporary shading crops in between the patchouli plants. For example, we can plant corns which will be ready to be harvested in the next 3-4 months and by that time the patchoulis are no longer vulnerable to grow without shading crops.


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