Step 5. Care for Your Crop

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  • Weeding
  • Water and fertilise as necessary
  • Trimming
  • Replace dead plants

5. Care for Your Crop

There are several steps that has to be done in maintaining patchouli plant:

a) To produce oil with good quality and high quantity, clearing the area from weeds and other unsupporting plants should be done regularly, because it ensures that patchouli plants are unharmed by weeds.

b) Getting rid of weeds is done by using hoes and machetes. Do it carefully so it does not disturb the roots and cause diseases to the patchouli plants.

c) Stitching and Trimming is done to ensure the plants have good and healthy growth. Stitching is done after the plants aged 2 – 4 weeks, by removing dead plants or plants infected by pests and diseases. Burn or dispose those dead plants away from the planting area to avoid spreading the diseases. Trimming is done after the plants are 3-month-old, that is after the clump are formed and each of them cover another patchouli plant. Trimming is applied to the third branch and above.

d) Pembubunan is done after harvesting. The branches, stems and twigs that are left behind (not being harvested) and close to the ground are covered with 10-to-15-cm-thick of soil. Break the tips of the branches that are far from the ground (but make sure that they are still intact) and cover the broken fragment with soil so that there will grow patchouli tillers which may produce more patchouli leaves.

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