Step 7. Harvest

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  • Prepare tools
  • Cut plants 6-7 months old
  • Cut stem 15 cm up
  • Leave 2 branches for next growth
  • Snap tip of remaining branches and bury in soil
  • Next harvest every 2-3 months

7. Harvest

To harvest patchoulis, the following things are important:

a) Prepare the tools, such as a sharp knife or machete.

b) Patchoulis can be harvested after they are 6 – 7 months old or more, and the next harvest can be done every 2 – 3 months.

c) Harvesting patchouli plant is done by cutting the stem until at least 15 cm of the patchouli stem is left.

d) In every harvest, leave two branches of plant behind to stimulate the next growth.

e) Cut or snap the tip of the left-out branch, then bury it in the soil to stimulate the growth of new buds.

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